To date we have granted over £8,500 and provided underwriting of more than £45,000. Grants are typically between £100 and £300, whilst underwriting is typically between £200 and £500, although the amount of funding awarded is considered on a case-by-case basis.

These are the projects which we have supported to date:


Blood Wedding (1936 Productions, BT)
The Cherry Orchard (FourSevenTwo, O'Reilly)
Made in Dagenham (Simpkins Lee Theatre)
Girls will be Girls (Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh)
Hotter (Transgression Productions, Paradise Green, Edinburgh)
Callisto: a queer epic (Forward Arena, Edinburgh)
Children & Animals (Forward Arena, Edinburgh)
Circleville Circlevalley (Curious Grin, OFS & Pleasance Courtyard Bunker 1, Edinburgh)
xx (Potergeist Theatre, Paradise at the Vaults, Edinburgh)
As You Like It (Frewin)
Colin & Katya (MercuryMouth Theatre, The North Wall Theatre)
The Weir (Poltergeist Theatre)
Faustas (Taliesin Theatre)
Cashired (Planetarioum Productions, BT)
Marriage of Kim K (Gruffdog)
This World Lousy (Magnificat Productions, St John the Evangelist)
Valuables (The Armchair Theatre Company)
Ten Duets (Quicksandance)
Prophetess (Theatron Novum, O’Reilly)
DART (Riverrun Productions, BT)
Pentecost (Ophir Productions, Playhouse)
Turn of the Screw (Faded Ink Productions, Church of St John the Evangelist)
Blow (Chiasmus Productions, George Next Door, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh)
Twin Primes (Chiasmus Productions, Greenside@Infirmary St, Mint Studio, Edinburgh)
Somebody Out There Loves Me (Peculiar Spectacles, theSpace on the Mile, Edinburgh)
Passion (Curious Grin Productions, O’Reilly)
The Mercy of Titus (Las Clemenza di Tito) (Oxford Student Opera Company, Exeter College Chapel)
The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs (LM Productions)
The Duchess of Malfi (Changeling Productions, LMH)
The Effect (Ophir Productions, O’Reilly)
NSFW (Macaroon, C Nova)
Assassins (Curious Grin Productions, O'Reilly)
Esarhaddon:The Substitute King (The National Theatre of Akkak, Simkins Lee)
Our Country's Good (Fat Penguin Productions, O'Reilly)
Waiting for Godot (Curious Incident Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Blue Stockings (Peculiar Spectacles, Simkins Lee)
Surprise (Tadpole Inc Productions, O’Reilly)
A History of Falling Things (Ophir Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Normal (Ruth Edwards, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Ghosts of Barucone Manor (Pumkin Soup, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Saved (Macaroon Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Death of Maria (Falsac, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Krapp's Last Tape (Macaroon Productions, Brasenose College)
NSFW (Macaroon Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Normal (Ruth Edmonds, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Look Back in Anger (Macaroon Productions, Greenside Studio A)
Life Sentence (Beyond the Bridge Productions, The Space on the Hill)
Comic Mysteries (Comic Mysteries, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Ashurbanipal, The Last Great King of Assyria (The National Theatre of Akkad, Simkins Lee)
Midnight at the Rue Morgue (Liz Butterworth, Space Cabaret)
Alice in Wonderland (OUDS, Tour)
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (Trinity Players, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Laramie Project (Giant's Eye, Simkins Lee)
The Aleph The (Pumpkin soup Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Strindberg's Miss Julie (Herald Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Rubber Dinghy (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)
Jane Eyre (Imogen O'Sullivan, LMH Simkins Lee Theatre)
Volpone (Barnabas Iley-Williamson, O'Reilly)
The Get Out (Maeve Scullion, O'Reilly)
Contractions (DNA Oxford, Burton Taylor Theatre)
After the Dance (Piece of Cake Productions, LMH Simkins Lee Theatre)
Patience (OU Gilbert & Sullivan Society, Ashmolean Museum & Corpus Christi College)
The Barefaed Night (Woven Wings Productions, O'Reilly)
A Man for all Seasons (DNA Oxford, St Mary's Church)
Act Before You Speak (Burton Taylor Theatre)
Relish (Touchpoint Theatre, Michael Pilch Studio)
Master and Margarita (OUDS Summer Tour)
The Lesson (Sinclair Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Tamlane (Very Average Productions, Moser)
Taking Care of Baby
Contractions (Fly, Theatre Delicatessen)
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me (Concrete productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Maids (Frogface Productions, Frewin Undercroft)
Turn Again Lane (Hard Rain Productions, Moser Theatre)
Lying Dogo (Spiral Staircase Production, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Measure for Measure (Gnarled Oak Productions, O'Reilly Theatre)
Far Away (Macondo Theatre Company, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Macbeth (Ruth Harley, O'Reilly Theatre)
The Philanthropist (Charlotte King, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Medea (Melpomeme Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Iphigenia and Other Daughters (Outright Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Nights at the Circus (Hand to Mouth Productions, O'Reilly Theatre)
Go Back for Murder (Red Herring Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
According To (Half Full Theatre – Oxford, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Changeling (Mad Wag Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
This is India (This is India Productions, O'Reilly Theatre)
Collaborations (Catherine Jones, Playhouse Theatre)
We'll Meet Again (Very Average Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Cactus (Cactus Productions, Pilch Studio Theatre)
Serving it Up (Siren Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Clockwork Orange (Anna Perkins, O'Reilly Theatre)
Psychosis (Alternative Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Spring Quartet (Nicole Redfern, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Crime Doesn't Pay / Neighbourhood Watch (Transatlantic Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Academy (Parabox Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Box of Tricks (Parabox Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Edward II (Collapsible Theatre Company, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Greek (EMER, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Spring Quartet (Nicole Redfern, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Lock In (Sam Bright, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Oklahoma (Hazlenut Productions, Moser Theatre)
Tis Pity Shes a Whore (Some Theatre Productions, Moser Theatre)
Roussos (Platform, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Devised Theatre (Purple Acid, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Mindgame (Parabox, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Small Change (Not/But, O'Reilly Theatre)
Hidden Light (Metta Theatre, Barons Court, London)
Whale Music (False Teeth, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope (Septimus Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Lovers (Trevaunance Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
BSAF 2007 (Brasenose Arts Fund, Brasenose Summer Arts Festival 2007)
A Tale of Two Cities (Transatlantic Productions, O'Reilly Theatre)
Jason & The Argonauts (Fallen Angel Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Being Ordinary (Honest Bohemian, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Dance of Death (Will Young, Burton Taylor Theatre)
The Weir (Not I Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Arsenic and Old Lace (Benchmark Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Metamorphisis (Not I Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
A Servant to Two Masters (My Pet Dragon Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
If Strangers Meet (Freefall, O’Reilly Theatre)
The Blue Room (First Minute Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Art (First Minute Productions, O’Reilly Theatre)
The Barber of Seville (Worn Garters, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Ruffian on the Stair (False Teeth, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Ghosts (Thumbscrew Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Nevermore (Not I Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Much Ado About Nothing (Biffing Productions)
Playhouse Creatures (Off the Wall Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Racing Demon (Theosophist Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Huis Clos (Zigurat Productions, Burton Taylor Theatre)
A Servant to Two Masters (My Pet Dragon Productions, O’Reilly Theatre)
Insect Play (Big Clock Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
An Ideal Husband (Ideal Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
The Maids (Another Place, Burton Taylor Theatre)
Travesties (December Bee, O’Reilly Theatre)
Catch 22 (Cookie Jar Productions, Edinburgh Festival Fringe)
Claw (Zarbi Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Endgame (Attention to Detail Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Double Vision (Double Vision, O’Reilly Theatre)
La Canatrice Chauve (Le Theatre Assurde D'Oxford, Moser Theatre)
Abigail's Party (My Pet Dragon Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Pygmalion (Brasenose Arts Fund, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Dealer's Choice (Brasenose Arts Fund, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Private Lives (Puppetlord Productions, Old Fire Station Theatre)
Oxford Revue in Edinburgh (Oxford Revue)
The Transit of Venus (Jessica Ratcliff)
BSAF 2004 (Brasenose College Summer Arts Festival 2004)
The Royal Hunt (Oriel College Drama Society)
Design for Living (Anomie Productions)
BSAF 2003 (Brasenose Summer Arts Festival 2003)
Bent (Chimera Productions)
The New Trial (Crack House Productions)
Jesus Hopped on the A train (Lighthouse Theatre)
The Lion in Winter (Pixie Productions)
Panic (Neurochasm)
New Writing (OUDS New Writing)
Little Prince (Phoebus Productions)
Pinter (Jack Heathcoat-Amory)
Hellstone & Nell (Probe Productions)
The Road to Mecca (Aardvark Productions)
Skylight (Daniel Gould)
BSAF 2000 (Brasenose Summer Arts Festival 2000)
Sylvia Plath 90210 (Sylvia Plath 90210)
Anthony & Cleopatra (Tyrian Productions)
Rosencrantz & Guildernstern are Dead (Medusa Productions)
Salome/Yeats (Giralda Theatre Company)
Huge (Knock Your Socks off Productions)
Bent (West Side Bent)
Double Bill (Patchwork Productions)
Reader (Epoch Productions)
BSAF 1998 (Brasenose Summer Arts Festival 1998)
Troilus & Cressida (Brasenose Arts Fund)
BSAF 1997 (Brasenose Summer Arts Festival 1997)


Alchemy Festival

A Conversation with Branden Jacob-Jenkins

Annual Organ and Harpischord series at Christ Church (2018)

Goldfish (WMAF/Amy Shipley)
Botched Job (Olivia Webster)
Blackwater Fever (Christian Bell)
All of Me (Anything Other Theatre Company)The Guinea Pig Doctor (Naomi Poltier)

Annual Organ and Harpischord series at Christ Church (second concert)

Contained (Justice in Motion)

Kate (Robbie Belok and Alex van Leeuwen)

Saving Turtles (Naomi Poltier)

Vistors (Emily Everdee)

Custom-Built (Oxford Broadcasting Association)

Life in Orbit (Joel Scott-Halkes)

Sunday Morning Coming Down (Harry Lighton ) 

Annual Organ and Harpischord series at Christ Church (first concert)

Oxford Pubs Sonnet Cycle - Thomas White

BNC - Careers in the Arts cream tea 2014

Frideswide's Daughter - Rachael Williamson installation at Christ Church

Support for BNC participants on OUDS Japan tour

Daniel Udy - fine art degree show

BNC - Careers in the Arts Cream Tea, 2013

The Preview Show

Voices of Bagdad, by Teatro di Nascosto

Where the Hell is Kevin

Art as a Mode of Enquiry at the Ashmolean Museum (exhibition catalogue)

Sexing the Cherry, Metta Theatre

Case Studies, Touched Theatre

The Marian Consort and Players

The Bacchae (Oxford and US Performances and Workshops)

Christ Church Music Society (Parthenogenesis)

Winton volunteers (Oxford Students creating a magazine with local children)

Schools music project (Oxford Student Music in Schools)

Students' creative magazine (Puppet Magazine)

Piranello Project (Dorieanne Lalor)

GB Farming (Georgina Barney)

End of year exhibition (LCC Photography MA Class)

Educational Book (Rachel Williamson)

Ruskin EOY Show Catalogue (Students at Ruskin)

Choral Performances (Lower Windrush Choral Society)

Theatre Careers Evening (Youth Create)

Arts Workshops (Oxford Art Movement)

Film (Lambchop)

Peer Gynt (Peer Gynt)

Walking Tour (Invisible Theatre)

Kids to Theatre (Rosie Kalman)

Portrait 2000 (Oxfordshire County Council)

Storytellers (Jackie Singer)

School Trip (Cap and Stocking Players)

Film Production (Hot House Productions)


Support for local schools and other causes in the Oxford area is an important part of policy for the King’s Hall Trust for the Arts. The Trust is still not yet well enough known locally to receive the level of applications from outside of the university which it currently receives from the student population.

We have in the past worked Oxfordshire County Council’s Schools Advisors in order to increase its profile. The Trust was one of the funders of Oxfordshire 2000: A Portrait’, an exhibition of art from schools all over the county held at Blenheim Palace in July, 2000, to celebrate the life in the county at the start of the new millennium. The show was a unique event, bringing together the art of young people from 4 to 18 years in schools throughout the county. The show displayed images and sculptures that reflect the people and places of Oxfordshire; a visual Domesday book.

Another project supported by the Trust was a visit to the ‘International Youth Theatre Festival’ in Grenoble,France, in 1999 by a group of sixth-formers from three Oxford schools. They joined parties from such diverse countries as Israel, Finland, German, Morocco and many others to perform there own work, watched other groups’ performances and participate in workshops and discussions.

The Trust has also provided funding to enable a Careers Evening for young people interested in working in the theatre.

We actively encourage applications for grants for projects which involve education and young people since this is a particular area of interest.

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